Alchemist K1

The Alchemist K1. This is a no compromise kayak that has all the speed of a top flight K1 with superior ease of handling.

The Alchemist is good for paddlers above 80 kg and we also have a small version called the Alchemist SV for paddlers under 60 Kg and a mid sized model , the Alchemist MV, for 55 to 85 Kg.

We also have a wildwater version with a high front deck and keyhole style cockpit with knee grips.

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Originally designed as a masters kayak by Jan Horak it's out right speed has seen it gain acceptance across all ages, genders and disciplines.

Fast and stable? Not magic but alchemy! Science turning sweat into gold.


Length 5.2 Metres  Width 40 cm  Cockpit : K1

Standard features;

White gelcoat hull. Deck with one or two colours in gelcoat.
All kayaks have outside glass join, Kevlar internal join. (Except all glass kayaks have glass inside join)
Four bolt adjustable footrest.
Polystyrene foam bouncy glassed in.
Single bolt pan seat.


Prices indicate one full layer of the named material . Layup will also contain full layers plus sections of fibreglass,carbon, Kevlar and core materials depending on the construction requested.

All fibreglass $2300

Kevlar hull/ fibreglass deck $2600 (Carbon reinforced around cockpit.)

Carbon-fibreglass hybrid deck and hull $2650 ( Kevlar centre strip)

Kevlar hull/ carbon deck $2950. (Also has carbon reinforcing in the hull.)

Carbon hull / carbon deck $3050.

2 layer carbon with clear . POA. 


Underslung or trailing rudder.

Tiller bar or pedal steering. 

Optional upgrades;

Platform style seat $100

Rear bulkhead $150

Dual rudders $175