At Grafton Paddlesports we design and manufacture racing kayaks and high performance paddles. All our equipment is custom made from composite materials and we have  many construction options are available to tailor your kayak for your spacific needs.

We are passionate about creating the fastest  best value craft on the water. Our kayaks win flatwater, downriver and multisport races all over the country.

Whether you are new to paddling or are preparing for a big race we have a kayak to suit and are keen to discuss your requirements.

Our range of sprint / marathon kayaks cater for a range of skill levels from the Wizard which is a great fast bur stable K1 that handles all types of adverse conditions throught to the Bettong and Alchemist kayaks that provide the next level of speed with more of a challenge but still fairly user friendly and our elite K1s the Spectrum and Spectrum SS. Both super fast but still predictable in their stability.

We build a range of Multisport kayaks to cover varying weight and skill levels. From the entry level TK1 spec GT Aero multisport kayak to our fastest multisport kayak the Chrono Elite we believe that you will find a multisport kayak to suit you and the race that you want to win.


Steve & Leila Muir.