Downriver & Extreme

From 1990 to today the Avenger series of Wild Water racing Kayaks has been a dominant force in the Australian championships. Titles have been won across all age and gender categories.

Even after all these years the Avenger Mk1 , Mk2 and MV are still paddled and winning races because of the fast and stable hull thanks to innovative transom stern. 

These Australian Champions raced and won multiple titles is their Avengers. Matt Dalziel, Piers Christiansen,Steve Muir,Leila Muir,Susan Humphrey,Piers Goodman,Dan Hall.avenger crop2

Avenger 9X

The Avenger 9X  Extreme creek racer.

Inspired by all the creek racers coming out from the big boys in plastic.

A combination of the X1 slalom hull and deck bits of our beloved Avenger and 9 foot long

Avenger MV

The MV Avenger is the last in the series designed by multi Australian Wild Water champion Steve Muir and hull designer Jan Horak.

Avenger MkII

The Mk II Avenger is essentially the same as the MV but is smaller in volume. It is most suited to smaller paddlers of lighter weight.