Grafton Paddlesports has been manufacturing multisport kayaks since 1999 and it has been an exciting time designing new kayaks to keep pace with changing demands of the sport.

Alchemist Wild Water

This big deck Wildwater Alchemist has a keyhole cockpit and can be configured with knee grips and back strap to give it a real downriver racer feel but using the successful Alchemist K1 hull.

Chrono Elite

The Chrono Elite is the fastest of our Multisport kayaks and it is one of the fastest kayaks ever to hit the water. It is for experienced paddlers but don't think it is out of control.  It is much friendlier than a Sprint kayak and a lot of the ocean skis.

Time Bandit

The longest multisport kayak in the range. The Time Bandit is remarkable for its speed, turning ability and ease of handling.

Time Machine

The Time Machine was our first purpose designed multisport kayak. It's race winning speed and exceptional comfort have made it a classic.


The Wizard is highly successful boat in the K1 class and has had several overall wins in the Avon Descent.

The hull shape of the Wizard is inspired by the Avenger MK1 Downriver Racer.

It can be paddles with or without a rudder.

Time Traveller 575

At 5.75m, this kayak is the perfect choice for lighter paddlers seeking speed with stability.It is the little brother of the popular 6 metre Time Traveller.

GT Aero

The  GT is an exceptionally stable, comfortable and easy to handle racing kayak. A perfect boat for new paddlers and TK1 races. Also doubles as an ideal inshore touring boat.