We are very proud to be manufacturing these Sprint/Marathon kayak designed by our good friend Jan Horak.

Fast and easy to paddle .Just brilliant.


The Bettong kayak is designed to be the best combination of speed and handling. Using the proven Alchemist hull but with the sides angled out to leave a slim hull with a wider beam at the join.

Wizard LD

The Low Deck Wizard has the hull speed and handling of the classic Wizard but has a sleeker sprint kayak style deck. The Wizard is an ideal first step for those making the transition from TK1 or Rec kayaks into the K1 class.


Alchemist K1

The Alchemist K1. This is a no compromise kayak that has all the speed of a top flight K1 with superior ease of handling.

Spectrum K1

Designed by Jan Horak from Spectrum, this is a very fast kayak suitable for serious sprint and marathon paddlers. The transom stern is the secret to this